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V1200 Core 2.12 Problems Flashing Kick 3.1.4

Bjoern So1200

Posts 6
23 Jul 2020 12:11

Hello Gals and Guys,

I tried several times to flash a well running (by mapping) kick3.1.4-file into my V1200 with core 2.12.
Do I Right, if I just write in Shell "vampireflash df0:kick.a1200.46.143"? Then the data-block get loaded obviously into RAM and after that I get asked, if I accept the terms with "YES". So I write "YES", a fast sequence of block-loading comes and now a message asks me to power-cycle the A1200. So then I shutdown the System, wait 10 seconds and boot.
But then all A1200-LEDs are off, no flobby- or IDE-activity and the RGB-screen is a blue flickering and the RTG-screen stays black without Vamp-logo. I tried to warm-boot then, but it  changes only to a black or darkblue screen then and nothing happens.
Only a complete flashing of the whole core 2.12 with usb-blaster brings me back to a working System.
Again - mapping this kick-file works fine, but flashing bricks my Card. I loaded this kickfile directly from Hyperion. And I dont get any message, that would mention a checksum-error. There is not any failure-message.
Now my questions to Igor or different developers:
1) What Minimum conditions for flashing does the V1200 need? I mean for e.g. Maybe a Minimum voltage on the 5V-line or whatever. Or better: What is the main difference to simple mapping? Why does mapping Function, but flashing not?

2) Is there anyone, who is aware about such a problem and Maybe has a solution already?

Here the data:
- A1200 Rev 1B, not recapped yet
- CF-IDE with 16GB-card on base IDE-port
- original A1200 (C=) PSU

Next Weekend I will recab the board and would like to measure some voltages, if anyone could inform me where to look and what voltage would be needed.(Just in case, if the voltage would be questionable of Course.)

3) Which checks could I do with my system to detect the reason?

Best thanks in Advance :-)

Edgar Fink

Posts 21
23 Jul 2020 22:46

I also experienced the same behaviour and I also had to revive my card with a complete reflashing of core 2.12.

Could it be as simple as a bug with the vampireflash software in combination with the 3.1.4 rom? I haven't really felt the urge to test this hypothesis further since the consequence is rather dramatic.

Bjoern So1200

Posts 6
24 Jul 2020 05:15

Hi Edgar. "Nice" to hear, that there is another one, who has the same prob. This let me hope, that it might not be hardware relatet. What details can you tell about your Amiga setup(board-rev, recappedY/N, etc.)?
  I will try to
  a) use an older version of vampireflash and
  b)flash the kick 3.1.4 within the older 2.11 core this evening, to check if its a bug in the 2.12 core.

Edgar Fink

Posts 21
24 Jul 2020 09:20

Details about my amiga setup:
New old stock Amiga 1200 (escom) bought 4 years ago.
Board revision: 1D
Recapped: NO
Original power supply: YES
Power Supply recapped: NO
Indivision MK2 cr scandoubler installed and working.

Bjoern So1200

Posts 6
24 Jul 2020 17:36

Hello together,

it seems, it is solved. The problem of flashing kick 3.1.4 was with SAGA-Driver-set 2.2.1, exactly with the version 1.7 of vampireflash. I tried now vampireflash V1.6 from SAGA-drivers-set 2.2.
And what shall I say? Tadaaa......the kickfile was flashed without any troubles. I don't know, if there's actually a bug in vampireflash v1.7, but jumping a version backwards helped me.
Edgar - I hope, it helps you as well. Please let us know.

Edgar Fink

Posts 21
24 Jul 2020 19:19

Good to hear.

Perhaps the dev of VampireFlash forgot to add it was changed to the changelog: EXTERNAL LINK 
I think I'll pass on flashing the rom to the card, since I plan to be experimenting with AROS soon.

Btw, how do we report bugs concerning the SAGA driver bundle?

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 334
27 Jul 2020 15:28


New binaries will be provided soon. Seems newer GCC did introduce bad behaviour.

Stay tuned.

Bjoern So1200

Posts 6
31 Jul 2020 15:07

Hey Tuko. Thx for your reply. Thumbs up for your great work!

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