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My Vampire V500+ Suddenly Died

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 144
26 Jun 2020 21:59

Hi guys, i may need some help here.
This setup is an Amiga 500+ (silent upgrade no clock), i have full ECS chipset and 2 megs of chip ram. Using an ATX power supply.
The vampire V500+ have the core 2.12 x12 from the(JIC) file loaded from the usb blaster have it running fine from like 2 years when i got it.
I was playing yesterday some games on my amiga and suddenly got a red screen.
Power off and on and then i got this:
First the screen turn solid blue, then it will start to roll diagonally ( on the RGB output).
The DIGITAL-VIDEO output show nothing on it the monitor don't get signal.
picture of the problem:
Then i removed the vampire reinserted it disconnected the hdmi output removed all other accessories to no avail same problem.
Tested the PSU on my amiga 1200 that have a 68030 accelerator and the amiga runs fine so  the PSU must be ok.
So i removed the vampire on the 500 and reinserted my rom and 68000 cpu, and the computer powered up fine showing the floppy from rom 2.04. So the issue must be vampire related.
picture using original 68000 and rom:
Then i reinserted the vampire and same problem blue screen.
Tried now my USB blaster to load core 2.12 x11 the programming and verification process went fine no errors.
Reinserted the reflashed vampire, but the problem persist same blue screen and then blue rolling diagonal bars.
    Got out of options any ideas ?.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 338
26 Jun 2020 22:10

Hi, contact me on my mail and I will send you some test cores so we can see what could be wrong. I can't do it today but on weekend we can try to debug it.
Don't worry, we will fix this.

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 144
26 Jun 2020 23:37

found the email

posts 3