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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

More ChipRam In Next Core Possible for V500?page  1 2 

Eric Gus

Posts 413
23 Jun 2020 03:26

John William wrote:

Patrik Rendel wrote:

    is it possible to raise up the ChipRam in the next Core Update for V500?
    It would be nice to have more then only 512kb or 1MB through modding the Board.
    The 2MB MegiChips and other similar Hardware can't be put in. The Vampire is with all relocators directly above the fat agnus or too close to it.

  Stop changing the nature of your A500 to wanting AGA and 2 chip RAM. If you want that, V4 or a1200 is the way to go. Personally, I prefer V4 over A1200 due to having 11 CHIP RAM and 512 MB fast RAM and is better than all the vampire v2 series.

  Some of us prefer the A500 form factor over the A1200 or A600, or have other more personal reasons for wanting to upgrade their A500s vs getting an A1200 (maybe they dont have the space or the resources to get another machine just for that).. and also what you want/like/wish/believe can vastly differ from what others want/like. The good thing is we have options and choices.

Eric Gus

Posts 413
23 Jun 2020 03:34

Jamie Chapman wrote:

  And at which point the amiga becomes just a power supply,  mouse and keyboard,

I am actually ok with this and I dont see it that way at all .. I think of the vampire as a hardware upgrade to the original chips, to me, its no different than people replacing their old Agnus for a newer version (say that can do more chipram) and an ECS Denise to replace their OCS version, or a better Paula.. why is this any different..?? Just because those updated chips now reside in the FPGA renders this somehow less worthy then replacing individual chips???

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