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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vampire Fault Codes

Daniel Sevo

Posts 299
23 May 2020 00:05

Are there any fault codes in Vampire cards that might help with identifying problems? (Like Amiga has)

When I start my (Faulty V600 v2) i get a blue color for about a second, then I get a bunch of horizontal stripes (red, yellow, purple, white color) Shifted vertically in such a way they form a diagonal pattern..

(Behaviour of the Vamp card is the same regardless if I hold SHIFT when booting or Both Mouse Buttons.. Its the same..
Tried a bunch of different cores, the last test was with 2.12 and latest Coffin release.. no difference.)

Daniel Sevo

Posts 299
23 May 2020 16:30

@Majsta if you read this, are there any diagnostic color codes used on the V600 v2?

Daniel Sevo

Posts 299
02 Jun 2020 15:50

Ok, never mind, card sold now (as defective) so hopefully the new owner will be able to get it going.

Markus B

Posts 189
02 Jun 2020 16:19

Sorry to read that you never received any support here. Usually Majsta is rather helpful, so he may have missed it.

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