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Blue and Yellow Blocks At Bootup - Vampire 600

Wayne Smith

Posts 34
21 May 2020 11:54

Hi All
I havent looked at my V600 for a few weeks till recently - then when I switched it on it boots up with Yellow and Blue blocks on the screen - Has anyone ever seen anything like that and what might the issue be?



Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 268
21 May 2020 12:09

Hi Wayne,

try to reinsert the vampire on CPU slot?

Wayne Smith

Posts 34
21 May 2020 13:21

Hi Pedro - I have - But let me try that again - let me see if i can get a pic or something


Wayne Smith

Posts 34
07 Jun 2020 11:53

Hi there
This is what the screen looks like when I boot up with the Vampire v600
Anyone seen anything like this ?

Wayne Smith

Posts 34
07 Jun 2020 12:14

reflashed it (should have done it in the first place) and its working 100% again

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