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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Still Waiting!!!!!!page  1 2 3 4 

Geoff Wells

Posts 32
23 May 2020 03:04

For clarification on my comments as well, I expressed interest in the V4 in early January and got an email asking for my shipping details last week.  That is 5 months (roughly) from expressing interest to the invitation to purchase.  I assume that means the inventory is available and the shipping should happen very soon.

Adam A

Posts 106
23 May 2020 08:26

Boyd expressed interest for V4, not the V1200 and that's very normal for him to receive it earlier since both of them are different products, different demand, different quantity...

Nothing really interesting about it.

I know that some people have not yet received their V1200 and they expressed interest in December and they are pretty much fine about it. Just be patient you will get it after all.

Nikos Pagonis

Posts 22
27 May 2020 20:45

I donít think 5 months queue justifies the waiting it mate. People that applied in January have already been waiting nearly 5 months already and we still have a very  loooong way to go for the V1200. Orders are still back in December land....! My estimations for the v1200 is 8 months and that is an optimistic judgment. That is unfortunately how the situation is. It is bad we now that....

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