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RJ45 Backplate.

Flavio Regis

Posts 9
08 Mar 2020 18:05

Dear all,

I hope I am not the only one that would like to have a metal backplate for the RJ45 (and not only).
I have seen some works to use a plastic backplate for different connectors but I think they are not elegant... :( I would try to fight to find another solution...
I have found the following PC card:
EXTERNAL LINK  My idea is to desolder the RJ45 connector from a ENC28J60, so that I can connect it to the backplate of the auction.
Now the questions:
° does anybody have a link where I can buy only the backplate (the complete card is quite expensive)?
° the RJ45 have 8+4 pins (8 for the RJ45 and 4 for the two leds) while the card has 10+4 pins... can anybody help me about this point? I am not a technician but it seems to me that 8 are for the connector and 2... for power? Which power?

Thank you

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
08 Mar 2020 21:13

did you try to print out in 3d something like this ??


I have installed this backplate and works great. I used a material named Sugru and works awesome making everything rigid and solid.

You can connect your DIGITAL-VIDEO output, Network and SD card.

Mattie Whittle

Posts 5
09 Mar 2020 20:36

Would either of the following be an option  ?

Cheap network card - Ä3.80


remove card and glue / solder enc28j60 directly to card

or use extension cable


Glue or drill to bracket and enc28j60 mounted somewhere in case

Are you using a checkmate case ?


Flavio Regis

Posts 9
10 Mar 2020 17:36

I am using an A2000 case.
I have found a PCIe card that SHOULD have the bores for screwing the ENC28J60 directly on the backplate. It should arrive from Amazon this Friday... I keep you informed... :)

Flavio Regis

Posts 9
14 Mar 2020 16:23

Since it is not possible to post pictures, I have decided to make a post on VCFED and link it here:
Now I am waiting for the adaptor from Arananet to close the case!

Boyd Pukalo

Posts 5
18 May 2020 01:27

Like this:
I am shopping for pci slot covers for DIGITAL-VIDEO, Ethernet, 2 x USB 2 for mouse/keyboard, and compact flash and maybe game controller ports. Everything individually is available but I really want a custom pci slot cover with DIGITAL-VIDEO, Ethernet and USB on 1 and CF on the other but nobody makes them and I donít want to occupy all Checkmate A1500+ PCI expansion slots.

Oh also power routed to the vampire-mini USB I think.

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