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V1200 - SD Slot Defective?

Michael AMike

Posts 101
06 Feb 2020 22:13

I can't use the SD Card slot of my V1200. None of my four SD cards (tested positive on other Amigas) work with the V1200. With SDdiag I get always the error message "80".

What have I tried so far:
Three different AmigaOS Installs, one partition of my V600 Amiga on which I already use the SD port successfully. Second - my own 3.1.4 installation with SAGA driver installed and last but not least Coffin R55 from my SA. Four different micro sd cards - one of my SA and the other one from the V600.
V1200 has the latest core (X13 also tested) 3.1.4 Kickrom in flash (normal Vampire ROM also tested)Amiga 1200 2b, Indi MK2, Clockport RTC, V1200

I have reached the point where I believe that the SD port is defective. Any other ideas what I can try? Thanks

Roy Gillotti

Posts 379
06 Feb 2020 22:52

What filesystem are you formatting to it? Fat32 with the Fat95 filesystem works and it's bundled in Coffin. If it's formatted by my Linux box it works fine, it doesn't seem to work if I do it on my Mac laptop. And I know Windows now a days you need to go to some extra length to format to Fat32.

Michael AMike

Posts 101
07 Feb 2020 06:53

They were formatted under Win7&10, two of the cards are from a working system. (SA & V600)

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