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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

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Allonsanfan %

Posts 56
27 Jan 2020 12:30

Taras Shevchenko wrote:

Hello, lucky V1200 owners!
  Can anyone finally post the summary of the device functionality/experience?
  Something beyond the boot-screens videos, and sexy card pictures!
  As a lot of questions are still a mystery:
    1) How does the DIGITAL-VIDEO video output works?
    2) Does it have a sound through it?
    3) Is it possible to display AGA trough DIGITAL-VIDEO?
    4) Do we need "dual output" (similarly to V600) to display RTG+AGA?
    5) What is the IDE port access speed experience? Is it really faster?
    6) And, in general, - what else do we get besides of the processor power?
  Please, do not keep the silence! The ones in the waiting list are desperate for the information!
  Thanks and regards!

1 - When you use RTG
2 - When GOLD3 core is released
3 - When GOLD3 core is released
4 - Yes

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4839
27 Jan 2020 14:02

Taras Shevchenko wrote:

6) And, in general, - what else do we get besides of the processor power?

* FastIDE controller for AMIGA (fastest on market)
* Expansionport allowing you to use Ethernet module for $5 each
* SDCard interface
* Truecolor Video Out
* 128 MB Fastest Fastmem 500MB/sec
* 150 MIPS 68K CPU
* 80 MFlops FPU
* AMMX Acceleration (AMMX Jpeg datatype is about two times faster than PPC Warp Datatype on PPC@240 MHz)

In short you get a very nice accelerator card plus some extras.

Billy Nest

Posts 30
27 Jan 2020 15:52

Same here Manuel cant wait for My V1200. I express my interest on 24 of December 2019. Hope i have it earlier from late March. Here in Greece we have the Amicamp Event soon and it would be nice to demostrate my V1200.  I'm also a happy V600 V2 owner 2 years now :)
So i know how Vampire works but dammit i cant wait for my V1200.

Michael Borrmann

Posts 133
27 Jan 2020 17:31

Got mine up and running today..
Very nice... :)

Mister Cartoonmonkey

Posts 33
27 Jan 2020 20:06

I intend to launch a YouTube channel and start streaming when I received mine.

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 559
27 Jan 2020 23:12

Michael K. wrote:

I've received my Vampire 1200 last week an I tested it at weekend at me A1200. I've try to flash (using command VampireFlash314) the kickstart 3.1.4 to the V1200 but I get an error thats can't flashed. Mapping of the kickstart (using command VampireMap314) works fine.
  With my Vampire 600 V2 command VampireFlash314 works very well. Is this a known issue or is a differnd command needed for flash the kickstart 3.1.4 to Vampire 1200?

Package is updated with VampireFlash314 EXTERNAL LINK 
Like with your V600, you will need a USB Blaster to recover, if something goes wrong.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 493
28 Jan 2020 17:11

My Italian friend Amy-mor just received his v1200 and was blown away! (watch the end of the video)

Michael Borrmann

Posts 133
28 Jan 2020 17:25

can confirm that my SHMUP Inviyya works with the V1200. So I guess it works with all the other Vamp cards as well..

Todd H

Posts 27
28 Jan 2020 18:21

You guys are killing me. Still waiting for mine to arrive here in the U.S.

Andy Hearn

Posts 314
28 Jan 2020 19:24

good to see another vampire lives! :) i must admit that 4:02/4:03 made me jump! :D

Nixus Minimax

Posts 416
29 Jan 2020 08:20

Michael Borrmann wrote:

can confirm that my SHMUP Inviyya works with the V1200. So I guess it works with all the other Vamp cards as well..

It would be worth checking with the V4 with its much faster chipmem but it looks like you wrote solid code!

Spyros Kourias

Posts 18
29 Jan 2020 09:29

Waiting for mine to arrive anytime soon, maybe even today! Judging by the high quality of V500 which I already have, well the V1200 is going to be a blast. Thanks for your efforts Majsta and Apollo team. Btw is there anybody that can 3d print an A1200 DIGITAL-VIDEO and SD Trapdoor Fascia?

Todd H

Posts 27
31 Jan 2020 16:11

Mine was just delivered. Time to let the fun begin!

Andy Hearn

Posts 314
31 Jan 2020 19:13

could i ask that my order status be updated please?
my interest in the V600 is still "confirm or withdraw" interest - yet i received that card a good while ago, so can be updated to "shipped" please :)

still looking forward to my magical confirmation email for a V1200 :D

Todd H

Posts 27
31 Jan 2020 21:05

Hmmmm....first hiccup after install...can't seem to get any video signal out of my Indivision AGA MK2. Signal from the Vampire 1200 works fine (and is gorgeous BTW). If I choose an ECS or AGA game and switch DIGITAL-VIDEO cables to the Indivision I get no signal at all.

Todd H

Posts 27
31 Jan 2020 21:45

Michael AMike wrote:

  Back to topic - the Indy MK2 works - was my fault.

  How did you fix the Indy MK2 issue? Mine doesn't seem to work with the Vampire 1200.

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 334
01 Feb 2020 20:01

MK2cr works fine here with V1200

Michael AMike

Posts 132
01 Feb 2020 20:35

Todd H wrote:

Michael AMike wrote:

    Back to topic - the Indy MK2 works - was my fault.

  How did you fix the Indy MK2 issue? Mine doesn't seem to work with the Vampire 1200.

I've changed the user in front of the monitor. ;) To be honest, I've no clue - the second test was successful.

Todd H

Posts 27
01 Feb 2020 21:34

Hmmmm...I'm using Coffin r54 and when I choose a whdload game and switch video cables I can hear the game running through the speakers but the screen acts as if it isn't getting a video signal.
I did find another monitor laying around so I decided to hook both up. When I boot the machine I can see the Vampire boot screen on one monitor and the Indivision on the other. Coffin then boots up to a beautiful 1280x720 screen. When I choose a WHDload game both screens go screens go blank and I can hear the game running but nothing on either monitor.
I know the Indivision works because my bone stock 3.1.4 CF card works fine through the Indivision. Very strange.

Edit: Interestingly enough if I hold down the right mouse button while booting it boots up on the Indivision. But Picasso modes don't show up on the other monitor. And while I am running through the Indivision I get this on the other monitor:


Stefano Briccolani

Posts 493
02 Feb 2020 11:22

When can we expect a v1200 core with pcmcia support? Every a1200 user has some pcmcia hardware (cf, cdrom, wifi).
If there is no time to fix gayle then remove it (we will use ide on board as we do on v600) . It's a better solution than having to wait for pcmcia support.

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