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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Any Idea When a New Vampire V2 500 Will Be On Sale

Name ELahrairah

Posts 11
02 Dec 2019 18:46

I have no clue but maybe someone from the dev team has more information ?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4898
03 Dec 2019 07:38

V600 and V500 are continuously produced. But alternating.

This means one month V600, next month V500 and now also V1200.
This means it could take a month or two until the next batch of V500

Name ELahrairah

Posts 11
03 Dec 2019 09:59

Thank you, appreciate the clarification.

VosCo Boss

Posts 6
03 Dec 2019 10:51

Seems to be in stock here:


Jakub H.

Posts 29
03 Dec 2019 11:31

VosCo Boss wrote:

Seems to be in stock here:

Nope, vampire is not available, only wishlist.

Robert Markus

Posts 10
03 Dec 2019 13:15

And any date for the V4? :)

Adam A

Posts 106
04 Dec 2019 03:38

they keep getting them in stock frequently

Jamie Chapman

Posts 66
04 Dec 2019 21:35

how many a month are produced on average would you say ?

And have you just let slip that the a1200 versions are actually in production , or you mean the will be in the roster of those produced when its released

posts 8