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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Black/white HDMI Out - Registration?

Nick (chiark)

Posts 2
29 Nov 2019 10:06

Hi there
I have a Vampire V500 v2 from Majsta that arrived in March 2018, and finally got an DIGITAL-VIDEO monitor near enough to use.  My output is black and white with Core 2.11 and Saga driver 1.7.1... 

Do I need to register?  And if so, where - I tried register.apollo-accelerators.com and got a site not found error.

Sorry for the really simple question, I've tried eab/amibay/searching this forum/wiki and can't find the answer!

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 587
29 Nov 2019 10:21

Try to flash Gold 2.12 RC 3 beta core: EXTERNAL LINK

Nick (chiark)

Posts 2
29 Nov 2019 10:55

Simo Koivukoski wrote:

Try to flash Gold 2.12 RC 3 beta core: EXTERNAL LINK 

Kiitos Simo!
I'm going to have to admit something very embarrassing now: I hadn't actually power cycled my Vampire since flashing 2.11...

Booted it to install 2.12RC3 Beta and found... colour.

Please do feel free to point and laugh :D .  Thanks for the support, I'll install the RC all the same!

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