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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

VampireV4 Standalone: Audio and Network Not Work

Rasputin Rasputin

Posts 3
17 Oct 2019 23:41

Hello everybody, maybe one of the people here can help me with the following problem:
    On the Amiga 34 I had the opportunity to get a Vampire V4 Standalone.The system boots with the coffin_r55_32GB from August 26th.Currently I have two problems:
    1.) I can't get sound over the H.D.M.I  cable. What could be the reason?
    I've tried different H.D.M.I cables and the vampires on different monitors with built-in speakers and on a TV with H.D.M.I but nothing works.
    What else can I do? Is it the core?
    2.) Which network interface do I have to choose for this to work? The wizard will show me several to choose from.

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
18 Oct 2019 01:55

Network doesn't currently work from what they've stated. They're working on it.

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 268
18 Oct 2019 07:31

Rasputin i would suggest that you join the irc again with some pictures of the board and try to contact one of the HW engineers...

Rasputin Rasputin

Posts 3
18 Oct 2019 20:09

I have tried some other cores now and the best result was the Core SA_6990.jic. With this core the sound now works without any problems. Depending on how I use the system, the vampires become unstable and the sound disappears. This core does it at least halfway at the moment.
Guess that there are some timing problems in the core.

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