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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

SD Card With An Amiga File Sytem?

Adam Whittaker

Posts 261
09 Sep 2019 01:30

Hi there, I use the sd card on the vampire to transfer between my pc and my Amiga 600 however I recently wanted to copy some files from my Amiga 600 to my Amiga CD32 with Terriblefire 330 and sdcard for its hard disk. I know how to mount fat sd cards but is it possible to take my CD32 sdcard and use SD0 to read it on the vampire?

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 469
09 Sep 2019 04:42

You need only a valid mountlist. Here's an example videos how to use filesystems:
Because this is not Vampire related thing, there is couple good thread on EAB about filesystems to read through:

Adam Whittaker

Posts 261
09 Sep 2019 15:39

Many thanks this has proved most useful!

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