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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

New Vampires Specs?

Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Posts 53
06 Jun 2019 10:55

So... looks like getting our anxious hands on new hardware is feeling closer than ever, in the light of that latest presentation at the OufParty. This summer was mentioned?!
So hyped by this... but also a little confused, as there are quite a few cards coming out at once, or in quick sequence?

Could the team confirm the exact specs, and maybe rough availability "order" of their 3 upcoming cards? (even for pre-ordering)
- Vampire A1200 (V2+?)
- Vampire A500 V4
- Vampire StandAlone (V4)

I know this info probably exists scattered in various threads, but it wouldn't hurt to gather the proper info all in one place?
(doesn't need to be this topic - create a sticky or simply update the "products" tab on this website...)

Anyway, thanks a lot guys - very exciting times: Keep up the great work!!!

Allonsanfan %

Posts 56
06 Jun 2019 13:12

I'm sure the V4 has the same specs as announced in 2017:

But I agree it would be nice to have an "official" announcement with the details confirmed.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 501
06 Jun 2019 17:49

It's true. It's time to expect some data on v1200 (and some target price for both devices)

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1719
07 Jun 2019 22:33

Jean-Baptiste Bolcato wrote:

  - Vampire A1200 (V2+?)
  - Vampire A500 V4
  - Vampire StandAlone (V4)

A500 V4
Final specs of V4 models should be similar to (should include later V4 model for V1200 and CD32 too):
    Apollo 68080 CPU and SAGA in Cyclone V FPGA
    Performance is application dependent:
    up to ~ 1000MHz 68030 / 500MHz 68040 / 250MHz 68060
    512 MB DDR3 Memory
    Dual Flash Chips
    FastIDE/CompactFlash Controller 13MB/sec
    SDcard Slot
    RJ45 100BaseTX Ethernet
    Expansion ports (e.g. Wifi Module)

Standalone Add:
DB9 (standalone only)
DB9 (standalone only)
MiniUSB Power (standalone only)

V1200 V2 model

  - Cyclone 3 FPGA
  - Performance is supposedly a bit better then past V2 models
    which was up to ~ 800MHz 68030 / 400MHz 68040 / 200MHz 68060
  - 128MB SDRAM
  - GOLD2.x branch core (GOLD3 likely when released for all V2)
  Using onboard AGA via RGB for native display
  - RTG DIGITAL-VIDEO like V2 models
  - microSD slot
  - Until V3 core DIGITAL-VIDEO AGA via Indivision AGA is proposed solution

Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Posts 53
09 Jun 2019 16:04

Thanks Vojin!
V4 A500 for me then, for now... any preorders popping out on the various usual shops yet?

Rob M

Posts 53
09 Jun 2019 17:40


Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Posts 53
11 Jun 2019 18:05

Mmm. Thanks for that, I did spot it a few months back but it already looked like a 2 years old link put up when it was first announced...
Not sure it's really a "valid" preorder system anymore? - I'll ask the store, see if they can answer.
Is the Apollo team planning some kind of direct waiting list like V2? Or it's all going to be through the stores now?

Adam A

Posts 106
11 Jun 2019 18:40

I did the pre-order in late 2017 expecting that it may only be released in 2019 or maybe early 2020
  I believe you will only pay like 1$ + shipping cost which is worth taking the risk! instead of ending up like me paying double the price on eBay when vampire was first released
  I also found some information regarding release date and ordering, it looks like it has been updated recently

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