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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

OufParty 6page  1 2 

Herbert Markart

Posts 33
31 May 2019 06:27

Renaud Schweingruber wrote:

  By the way, part of the event will be streamed to our youtube channel.

  Wow. This one was long inactive.
  But it is now in my subscribed-list :)
  Will we see more on this channel in the future?

Nsklaus -

Posts 63
31 May 2019 08:48

.. in the "future" .. the world doesn't suspect there's a plan to change it all starting from the event known as "ouf party". tomorrow might not be there as we know it.
but shh, we shouldn't talk about it.

Tim D

Posts 56
31 May 2019 17:39

Daniel Sevo wrote:

Apart from the "fixing the timeline with a time machine" -part, could we also dream about a demo of the mysterious 3d core, running GL Quake on a special version of Wazp3d ;-)

0000h, that's sounds great!!

Barana V

Posts 52
01 Jun 2019 08:41

All of the above.

But where is my t-shirt?

Barana V

Posts 52
01 Jun 2019 08:45

nsklaus - wrote:

my guesses:
  - a native browser (e.g: brought ibrowse back from the dead, or such) with css support
  - announce of vampire 5 for 2025
  - aros fully functionnal, 080 optimized (also ability to use odyssey browser)
  - a new icon pack (after glowicons, here's the 'pulsating' iconset)
  - memory proctection breakthrough and cybernetically enhanced pigs flying in the sky
  - skynet, 68k powered, and schwarzenegger cameo at 'ouf' party, saying '68k is baack!'
  - intel ceo and m$-gate performing 24h non-stop public apology while serving refreshments to the crowd, dressed in girafe and rabbit costume.
  - complete dev toolchain optimized for 080, with docs
  - aeon support, funding (accelerating) apollo core project
  - true aos/aros smp breakthrough
  - a new boot jingle
  - a new boing ball mouse
  - a mainstream framework or language ported and optimized for 080
  - cloning gunnar
  - plan to build a time machine and deliver a v4 in 1996, thus correcting the broken timeline we have now.

All of the above.

But where is my t-shirt?

Nsklaus -

Posts 63
02 Jun 2019 06:28

so, what was that surprise, useful and exciting for vampire/amiga audience to be announced at ouf party ?

was it that vampire 1200 and standalone should be available around the end of the summer ?
or there was something else ?

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 434
02 Jun 2019 07:49

Hope to see some more footage, maybe some 3d demos or neogeo emulator progress. And the robin hood game..is still a work in progress?

Nsklaus -

Posts 63
02 Jun 2019 23:50

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