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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vamp 1200 Support Pal Cd32 Games With Audio Cd?

Georgios Chaideftos

Posts 16
03 Apr 2019 21:07


Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1719
04 Apr 2019 08:55

a) There will be an onboard IDE faster then A1200s IDE, that can support CD/DVD with Idefix installed (see IDefix on Aminet)
b) To play audio CD on this games Amiga needs a CD-Paula audio passthrough or external speakers connected to CD
c) My advice are ISO images and ISO launcher. Most of CD32 games have been converted to LHA,HDF,ISO ...
d) You would need a CD32 pad for some games

And no, no browser under AmigaOS 3.x supports Facebook video calls. More then just needed browser, there are no USB Camera drivers. Facebook at all, could be supported only under NetSurf or AROS 68k.

Georgios Chaideftos

Posts 16
11 May 2019 22:13

you `re very informative,thank you buddy,not like some oher wise guys here!

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