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Unusual Behaviour With RTG Mem.

Matthew Findlay

Posts 15
20 Mar 2019 17:13

Hey guys,

I have had an issue with my 500 V2+ and Coffin54. The only way I was able to get around the issue was to re-flash the coffin image every time it happened.

What would happen, is if I was changing any screen parameters, or changing the WB wallpapers, I would get an issue where instead of showing the usual 2400K of RTG memory (with the default 5M allocated) it would instead show only 3-4kb remaining RTG memory but the level of fastmem would be as if the RTG memory was 2400kb (around 107K). This issue would persist even after powering off.

The only way I was able to get the RTG mem back to the correct level displayed, was to either change the screen mode from 24-bit to 32-bit and back again, or change the WB wallpaper from "stretch" to "stretch well" and back again. Otherwise, it would display the 2400k for a couple of seconds before going back to showing only 3k.
As it is, the issue has not happened since last re-flashing coffin but I also have not been changing about wallpapers or anything this time. I would like to know what the problem was though, just in case it happens again.

Matthew Findlay

Posts 15
20 Mar 2019 19:14

I should add that it happened with a backdrop that was fine previously. One of the pre-installed jpegs with coffinOS.

However, once the problem started, the same backdrop then starting using different amounts of RTG mem and showed the 3k. I noticed that I could increase the 5M default rtg mem to 8M and in that instance, I saw the extra 3MB of memory, but I also lost an additional 3mb fast. The other RTG memory allocated was not showing, so I had 3mb + 3kb. :(
If I also  removed the backdrop completely, it would go back to the expected amount of rtg mem.

I am completely stumped atm. Right now I have it set to 8M rtg mem as I am using Ibrowse and with the jpeg I have at the moment, I am seeing the expected 5.500kb of rtg mem. However if I change back to the backdrop I was using before, it only shows 2.500kb. The Jpegs are the same kind of size too.

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