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Vampire Running On Amiga 2500 - VideoToaster Video

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
06 Dec 2018 21:31

Hi all,

Finally I have up, restored and cleaned an awesome Amiga 2500 with Vampire 500 V2+.

Installed there are a TBC IV, DPS Personal Animation Recorder, Sunrize AD516, Vlab Motion, Tocatta, Ariadne and Video Toaster 2000.

I have been taking small steps testing everything slowly and making sure it is working with Vampire board.

My A2500 can see all the boards.

First problem was DPS PAR and its sofware. Using the latest version 2.50 or 2.55 is very problematic. You cannot install hard drives and uses the PARTest or PAR program. Until we tried (Robert from AmigaStore ebay helped me a lot on this, he is an awesome guy) the version PAR 2.10. Now works perfectly. This board is awesome playing animations in realtime.

Vampire cores tested were 2.5 and 2.9.

Yesterday, I started to install all the software related with my Amiga Video Toaster 2000 (I have another VT4000 but I want to use first the 2000 version). Everything was installed right.

Here I am attaching a photo with the problem. I have 2 monitors for the video outputs for the VideoToaster. As you can see, one is fine, and the second one looks weird. That should be the Toaster Controllers where you can add FX, mix, genlock, etc.......... Well, I cannot force the screen to differents resolutions, etc.

Seems that I need a FlickerFixer or something. Maybe an IndivisionECS can do the magic, I am not sure. But I hope I can get some help from this forum :)

VideoToaster is very tricky. It needs to sync video signals, etc. I am learning everything now and I am trying to enjoy the moment like it was 25 years ago :).

So, please, if you have experience using a Video Toaster, help me out so everybody can enjoy it and build Amigas with this amazing board using Vampires inside. That is the idea.



Rod March

Posts 113
06 Dec 2018 22:29

I'm keen to see how this works out for you, I also have a VT4000 in an A2k - as is to be expected, the VT switcher software doesn't work over RTG, but it's fine over RGB.

Are these screens running from the line-outs of the toaster? Those should just be analogue NTSC signals should they not?

I'm a 'meddler' with the VT, not an expert, so someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but the switcher interface (which all the controls, etc.) should be on your RGB monitor, and the line-out feeds from the the back of the VT should show your input/output/composite from VCRs, cameras, etc.

I run my VT system without the Picasso drivers etc, so the Vamp is 'just' a CPU/RAM accelerator, I did try forcing the screens onto the RTG with a mode promoter, but couldn't make it work...

You may want to remove the SAGA driver (if you have it installed) since it could be messing with your screens and the VT is very picky about display timing/resolution and synchronisation.

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
06 Dec 2018 22:39

Hey Rod....... Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, that is the idea. I know a lot of folks want to have a Vampire and Toaster running together so, why not bringing all the pros and cons here so we could build an awesome Amiga.

Uhmm you are right. I will double check at home again.

Right now I am not using the RGB output so, those two monitors are the line outs from the Toaster. And yes, the signal is NTSC. The Video in is feeded with the Personal Animation Record.

I think is a trick if you hold Shift when the Vampire is booting it will ignore the SAGA driver.... I dont now if I am right or not here, maybe somebody can help so you dont need to remove those drivers, just holding Shift.

Yes, VT is very picky with the video signal. Lets see if together we can have this board working :)

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
07 Dec 2018 10:09

Where, another step.

Holding Shift it will ignore the RTG mode and we will use the native customs chips. NOW the VideoToaster is loading :)


Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
07 Dec 2018 10:55

Yesssssss workssssss now.

First time you run it on just hold Shift.

You can run the program Toaster. It will be using NTSC HighRes screen. Once the Toaster is loaded, you will create a new project.

There is a big button SETUP. Once you are there, on the option CONTROL PANEL you must activate RGB. Now, you save your project just put a name on it....... and you are done :)

It should work now :)

Problem was in that CONTROL PANEL with have RGB/PREVIEW options. For some reason, when is PREVIEW by default, the Toaster controllers are loading in a wacky way that is impossible to work. Once you do all the steps that I am telling you, you reboot your Amiga, Vampire, etc normally and later, using a ScartTV to DIGITAL-VIDEO box just switching this you will see your VideoToaster controllers because by default this time will be loading your last project (the new one that we did create).

Once the project is loaded, now, we can go to setup and click on PREVIEW if we need it. It wont break the screen controllers. But just remember to save the project again with the RGB option marked :)

Well, this is awesome. Is like going back 25 years ago when we didnt have enough money to buy this board (we were just kids) and now, I totally understand why the Toaster collapse the market in the States. What a wonderful board.

Let me know if you have doubts or questions :)

I have been using Vampire core 2.9 and CoffinOS r53

Downloading now r54 and ready to update the firmware to 2.10

Fingers crossed.

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
07 Dec 2018 10:59

ohhh a classic. Forgot to add a link to my video.

PAR board playing lightwave Blade animation.

Input 1 used in the Toaster.

playing soooo smooth......... Vampire rulexxxxxxx


Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 565
07 Dec 2018 12:41

Very cool. Thanks for sharing! :)

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
07 Jan 2019 11:35

well, seems like somebody is having fun today :)

Amiga 2500 running VT4000 with Vampire........ what a ride. Is awesome. 30 years late.....:)


Andy Hearn

Posts 319
07 Jan 2019 13:41

great work, thanks for sharing your efforts! love seeing all the cards racked up in that box - and the output! :)

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
07 Jan 2019 18:16

Thanks Andy..... is awesome. Kudos to the team. Having almost 99.9% of the hardware working with a Vampire board show us the work done behind the scenes and how the Apollo team takes care.
  So yes, will be cool if somebody can update the Apollo wiki with the hardware tested from my side.
  Sunrize AD512 ......... Working fine, AHI works too.
  Tocatta................ Working fine, AHI and all the options.
  DPS TBC IV............. Working with Toaster and DPS PAR
  DPS PAR Animation...... Working with the PAR 2.10 software.
                          Doesnt matter Vampire Core. Dont use
                          any PAR 2.50 or 2.55. You will have
                          issues with hard drives.
  Ariadne (first version) Working fine. I love this board.
  VlabMotion............. Software installed and it recognized my
                          VlabMotion board. Still I have to test
                          it out. I will update later. It seems
                          my Tocatta connected too.
                          So I have everything ready to play with
  Video Toaster 2000..... Works perfectly. Remember it is using
                          RGB 23 pins to sync the video signal.
  Video Toaster 4000..... Finally I had this working and is
                          awesome. I need a Flyer now :)
  I will be updating this thread with more info, videos, etc.
  Another cool thing is, my Dell 24 monitor, old one, has PiP which I can select Composite video (VideoToaster) and VGA. I was wondering if Apollo Team is looking for the problem with the new Invidision V2. Will be cool to work with Jens about this issue and have both displays, SAGA and Invision working together.
  I will love to have this option because it will show Workbench, Lightwave and VideoToaster 24 bits output AT THE SAME TIME. Insane just thinking about this.
  ok, back to work now :)

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
12 Aug 2019 18:30

Ok, finally I got 2Mb chip RAM and Indivision ECS v2 installed.

Everything is running really great but...... is missing the last piece of my A2500 puzzle......... VideoToaster.

Using the original Denise chip, it works. Now, with the Indivision, VideoToaster board has a genlock error. I could think it is because I need 60hz to force the screen but, I already did.

Anyway, just writting here some ideas. I did a video after spending hours to fix this issue. It is just my last piece to finally enjoy my A2500. Everything else is working really great.

there is the video. Let me know if you have experience with Toaster boards or if you think is a way to force the Toaster using a screenmode.

Thanks guys :)

Rod March

Posts 113
13 Aug 2019 06:17

I don't think your Denise will be a problem, but the Agnus might - not all MegaChip boards will genlock, did you get one that states it is genlock-able?

(I've had no problems with the Indi ECS and ACE2 from Individual Computers.)

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
13 Aug 2019 06:35

both are the new version from Individual computers.
  You have the original Indi ECS but I have the v2 version which doesnt use a Denise chip, so once you remove the chip, you dont need to put it back like Indi ECS v1.
  Maybe V2 is not compatible with Toasters boards uhmmm.

Santiago Gutierrez

Posts 45
21 Aug 2019 21:23

a small update........

Yes, using an original Indivision ECS v1 my VideoToaster board can sync and everything works great.

Once my setup was running fine, I did install again my Indivision V2 and...... Genlock error again.

I guess, the Toaster board needs the original Denise to sync.

After a few hours checking, installing, testing......... finally I have everything running.


Rod March

Posts 113
22 Aug 2019 00:26

Glad I lucked-out with the V1 then!

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