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HDMI Overscan Adjustment

Sean Sk

Posts 328
30 Sep 2018 15:18

While I am primarily a RGB user, lately I have been playing around a bit with RTG through DIGITAL-VIDEO since I finally got around to removing the RF modulator and mounting a DIGITAL-VIDEO port in it's place. I have it hooked up to a LCD TV with a native resolution of 1366x768 and when running Workbench at 1024x768 it looks absolutely pixel perfect. Beautiful!! :)
When switching to lower resolutions such as 640x480 I am finding there is a fair bit of overscan off the edges of the screen and unfortunately there is no overscan adjustment on my TV for DIGITAL-VIDEO, only for component and composite inputs.
Is there any setting I can make in the Picasso96 prefs to reduce overscan to within my screens borders? I've had a play around but I can't seem to work out if there is anything I can do. Is there any other setting I can make? Using SAGADriver 1.4.2. Thanks guys. :)
EDIT: Ok I fixed it. I saw that the horizontal refresh rate for 640x480 was set to 32kHz by default in Picasso96Mode prefs. I lowered it to 30kHz and my vertical to 57Hz since my TV has this weird refresh rate of 57Hz for 640x480. So this fixed my issue. I hope this helps anyone else who may be faced with a similar situation although TV's may vary.

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