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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vampire In Amiga 1000

David Wright

Posts 356
21 Mar 2018 14:10

I tried searching for something relevant on this but couldn't find.

I am debating putting my v2 500 in the 1000 but a couple of issues.
Mine has the daughterboard and there is a bit of overlap. It seems I would need risers to bring a bit above the daughterboard. Then I thought does the 1000 need a daughterboard with the Vampire. It's only memory right?

It also seems cabling may be an issue. I don't mind making an alteration on the back for hdmi but looks like the opening where the zorro slot is would work for Cf card extension.

Any thoughts or links?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1719
21 Mar 2018 15:46

I dont have the treat of a1000, so take this as advice until better one is found, not something to be tested.

Same riser card is used as with A2000 (Kippers)

Keith (AmigaExec) has done it CLICK HERE 
He said "had to use a few sockets to lift the board over the daugher board."

Stephen Jones might also be able to help with questions on how to get DIGITAL-VIDEO out
Major weakness is not the cutest look, but limited chip RAM, so wait
for gold core 3 is advised.

Chris Dennett

Posts 67
21 Mar 2018 15:47

You can stack the risers quite high to achieve clearance.

Merrill Newell

Posts 19
21 Mar 2018 15:55

I have a Vampire 500 v2 installed in my 1000 and it fits snuggly but perfectly.  It does not interfere with the daughterboard.  You will require 5 68000 CPU risers to make it clear the floppy housing.  As for cabling, you can run DIGITAL-VIDEO, ethernet, CF and SD extenders out the Zorro expansion slot on the side for the time being unless you feel industrious and want to modify the back plate of your 1000 to accommodate all the ports...

David Wright

Posts 356
21 Mar 2018 16:13

Yes, hate to modify case with holes. I could settle for hdmi for sure.

Vojin, yes until Gold 3 the 1000 isn't much good to me.

Yes Merrill, Zorro exit sounds like it for the rest.

Risers are available where? Amiga dealers?

Merrill Newell

Posts 19
21 Mar 2018 16:29

Digikey should have them

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4898
21 Mar 2018 16:55

David Wright wrote:

Vojin, yes until Gold 3 the 1000 isn't much good to me.

I also have an A500 with 512 KB chipmem.
The 512K chipset is normally not a limitation at all.

All RTG stuff like DOOM, Quake, Quake2 runs fine.
Workbench in truecolor, and any resolution runs fine.
MAC OS 7 and 8 and all MAC games run fine.
NEO GEO and all NEOGEO games run fine.
Playing Videos works fine.
Playing MP3 works fine.
Surfing the internet works fine.

Only some WHDLOAD titles complain they want more chipmem.

Merrill Newell

Posts 19
21 Mar 2018 17:57

Yes, I have to agree!  There isn't really much that doesn't run...  :))

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
21 Mar 2018 19:22

agreed , also had my vamp in a 1000 until it migrated in to a 2000

David Wright

Posts 356
21 Mar 2018 19:28

Thanks all, giving it a go.
Ordered some risers on ebay (not China, want them this year)

Eric Gus

Posts 429
22 Mar 2018 04:13

Merrill Newell wrote:

Yes, I have to agree!  There isn't really much that doesn't run...  :))

Settlers on an NTSC 512kb chipram A500 wont (and its partly due to some bizzare coding reason in the game itself -- why, no idea, but on NTSC systems it wont work with 512kb chip ram)

Ian Carnaghan

Posts 2
21 Jan 2019 00:27

Where did you buy your 68000 CPU risers if you don't mind me asking? I'm having a hard time sourcing these.

Allan Versaevel

Posts 70
21 Jan 2019 00:45

The 64 pin sockets can be found on eBay, such as:


On a side note, I like the MC68HC000 CPUs. They are low power, low heat versions of the Original MC68000. They work great. 100% compatible. These CPUs are new as well :) Also available on eBay.

posts 13