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Gdb On A600 With VampireV2

Marcin Labenski

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04 Jan 2018 23:17


I'm trying to debug a program written in C on my A600 with VampireV2 Gold 2.5. The program is compiled using gcc 2.95.3 and my gdb version is 4.16.

When I run gdb with my test program it starts successfully and I can then set a breakpoint and run the program under debugger. It will stop exactly at the line where the breakpoint was set and after that I can see the code and can evaluate/print variables.

So far it works fine.

But now when I want to make a step in debugging instead of one step it continues to run the program without event stopping on any other breakpoints. It looks that in each runtime, it can stop on a breakpoint only once, and then regardless if I step/next or continue, it just runs as if there is no debugging at all.

I also checked gcc 3.3.3 (from CubicIDE) - the result is the same.
And all these work fine on another amiga with Blizzard 1260.

Did anyone have such problems while debugging on Amiga with Vampire?


posts 1