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How to Use a Dual CF Adapter

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 75
03 Nov 2017 14:11

Purchased a dual CF compact flash adapter (have two slots master and slave).

Inserted my first apollo-os CF on the master slot and the amiga boot just fine the problem is that the card inserted in the slave slot don't show up on the amiga desktop.

I have partitioned it on winuae, there something that need to be configured to get the card recognized on the vampire ?.

Also if i open the partition tool the drive list is empty.

Claudio Guglielmotti
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 157
03 Nov 2017 15:23

some compact flash refuse to work together.
Try to swap master and slave and replace one of the CF until you find the right combination.

Michael R

Posts 251
03 Nov 2017 20:09

I had the same issue trying to setup a 3way ide with a CF card with Apollo OS and a slave SD card reader, but the second "drive" was not listed in HDToolBox nor did it show up on Workbench. I gave up on the dual card reader setup for now.

John William

Posts 233
04 Nov 2017 00:25

I discovered the main one need to be faced down and the other one need to be faced up. Second i am using the compact to sd adapter so I am unsure if this is the reason, but after formatting it and giving it a file name and partitioning it and giving it a name and select automount it will not mount at all.

In order for me to see it I need to manually mount it every time much like I do with MicroSD. However, it works after that I have an additional 32 GB partition, I see it and everything works that way.

I maybe lazy but mostly I am focusing on games on the original partition I don't usually mount it to see it after I boot up my Amiga...but when the time comes I need to access it I will do it at that time.

I don't mind it all and in way I like it like that :D I always know I have a comfort that I have another 32 GB waiting for me whenever I need it so I proudly say my Amiga is officially 64 GB instead of the 32 GB hehe.

Chris Dennett

Posts 57
04 Nov 2017 00:49

I would not use any kind of convertor, it gets further away from the pureness of ATA/IDE and more likely to introduce problems and slower speeds

Manfred Bergmann

Posts 40
04 Nov 2017 12:50

You might want to have a look at Individual Computer's TrueIDE hardware.
That works with two MicroSDs.


Sebastian Blanco

Posts 75
07 Nov 2017 15:37

i have to check if is the CF compatibility issue first.

Sebastian Blanco

Posts 75
08 Nov 2017 03:50

The problem was not the car nor the adapter.
HDToolBox have in the tooltypes hdf.device to use on uae, replaced it to scsi.device and started to show up my drives 100% perfect.
So then i saw that the device that i have from paritioning my slave CF in winuae was SDH0: changed it to DH4: and rebooted.
Now my CF shows nice and dandy on my desktop.
Plan to have my personal files there so i don't lost them when i format my main apollo-os CF i have the release that have the write protected demaged folders need the new one.

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