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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Apollo Version 3 Release News

David Wright

Posts 348
05 Oct 2017 14:50

Where are we in regards to this? All these updates on speed increases are nice, but when 3.0 comes out it will be of greater importance to many of us.

Using rgb through hdmi and an increase in chipram would set this off as nearly perfect to me.

Szyk Cech

Posts 191
05 Oct 2017 17:32

@David Wright
You are wrong! There is no place for Vampire3... The reason I mentioned in other place. But I can repeat:
Numbers of the Vampires in order to celebrate hackers and scene culture are power of 2. So first version was 2^0=1 next 2^1=2 so sensible is next version will be 2^2=4 (where 2^N is 2 to power of N).
It is obvious to me that next Vampire will be 2^3=8 not 5! And any further will be 16, 32, 64 and so on...

David Wright

Posts 348
05 Oct 2017 17:48

Sorry, if this was humor it went over my head.

I am talking about the Apollo core, which is Gold 2 now, going to version 3.

Ian Parsons

Posts 207
05 Oct 2017 18:26

It's always best to enjoy what the Vampire can do now and celebrate when an update to the core is publicly released.
  The team have been working hard on version 2.7 but things must be very busy at the moment as at this time on the roadmap there is production of the V600V2 to restart, the V500 V4 to get out, Gold 3 to complete and who knows what else for the stand alone V4. That's before we get to think about the 1200 or other 32bit machines.
Having said that the next public core update has been a long time coming and I suspect it will not be long now relative to the time elapsed since the last major update. I'm not sure how much impact 2.7 will have as 3.0 will bring audio and AGA over DIGITAL-VIDEO on the 16 bit machines which will be a huge leap forward for them.

Rod March

Posts 105
05 Oct 2017 23:13

If Gold 2.7 brings an optimised FEMU (as I believe it does) then it will make a HUGE impact (at least for users like myself).

Don't want to underplay Gold 3 though - that will be awesome too.

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