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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

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Chris Dennett

Posts 58
14 Feb 2018 14:36

Another partition containing other stuff. The previous 32GB partition should not conflict with it.

Merrill Newell

Posts 5
14 Feb 2018 17:24

So, we'll be skipping v44 and going right to v45?  :)

Rod March

Posts 43
14 Feb 2018 22:30

Hey folks,

I've only been loosely keeping up with this Apollo OS thing, I'm working with the assumption it's O.S 3.9, with all the right drivers, etc for Vampire and boatloads of software bundled-in too?

Question - is there a bare-bones version?

Reason - having a WB setup that already has drivers, file systems, etc, setup for Vampire sounds great, but I'm not really keen on getting the other'bloat' that comes with it (it needs a 64Gb card now right?).

I have a handful of apps that I use, which I can install myself, and apart from that I like to keep my setup light and fast, rather than being bogged-down with unnecessary features (almost) like a Windows machine (sorry for mentioning the 'W' word here...)

But I haven't used it yet - is Apollo OS still fast and responsive? Or is the Vampire's extra speed and memory all used up by trinkets and extra features?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 3163
14 Feb 2018 23:00

Rod March wrote:

But I haven't used it yet - is Apollo OS still fast and responsive?

It looks shiny like MAC OS, and is fast as a greased lightning.
And its 32GB - but it includes all MAME, WHDLOAD and hundreds of games, MAC OS, and all kind of extras..

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