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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.


Olaf Schoenweiss

Posts 690
23 Feb 2016 10:23

as part of my activity (Aros Vision including commercial version) I am concentrating on updating the developer part of my page

aros vision RTG includes AmigaE (sources can be compiled by rightclick on it)

now the interesting part... I am also updating what includes (in Amiga-E called modules) are integrated and it is obvious that no other language (except c perhaps) had so much support

the compiler is available free (written in assembler)

perhaps someone could add a option to generate apollo optimized oode to it?

Samuel Crow

Posts 424
23 Feb 2016 17:56

The original E compiler had little optimization to start with on the 68000 and never added support for 68020+.  That came later with CreativE and ECX.  ECX is written in itself and will be easier to fix.  I'll be busy with other stuff for a while though.

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