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Omni Bootloader OS Selection From Bootloader

George Koukouras

Posts 1
23 Aug 2023 20:51

I followed the instructions to install coffin and different os but
  it seems something went wrong with the OS3.2 and it does not boot.
  The message says that picasso96 can not find the rtg.library.
  Now I stuck with this since the OS3.2 is the default
  I don't want to remove the compact flash and write again the image
  so is there a way through some buttons selection to have the OS selection again so I can change the default OS

I did some more tests and all OS are fine except the OS3.2
as soon as I selected something happens to the ApolloDOS and does not load the rtg.library and I am in a shell

I wrote the image and I re-selected the 3.2 and the result was the same

posts 1