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Problems With My Brand New Icedrake Card In A1200.

Zoltan Uzsoras

Posts 5
14 Apr 2023 20:06

Hi Guys,
  I need some help, or idea.
  I just ordered a card with all the periferials.
  I received it today, so I took the time, checked the manuals, and installed it how it is written.
  I turned on the computer and just had a flickering screenscreen, than nothing.
  I checked agan, everithyng was theoretically fine.
  Turned on agan and wow, i have screen, the card not recignise the Primery IDE Boot device.
  I just tried a soft reset, green screen, flickering.
  I took the card (and cables, etc) off, i started from the beginning.
  I turn the computer on, i see blue green, grey screens, than nothing.
  Any idea what the issue can be?
  And the best thing tmorrro I should go to a work trip for the next 4-5 days, so my brain probably will just work on this issue...

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6195
15 Apr 2023 06:48

Zoltan Uzsoras wrote:

Turned on agan and wow, i have screen, the card not recignise the Primery IDE Boot device.

Hello Zoltan,

On poweron the card will do some selftests, and mainboard tests.
During these test the screen color will change.
The colors are explained here:

What is your IDE boot device?
Where is it connected?

Can you come to our discord support channel there its easier to show pictures


Zoltan Uzsoras

Posts 5
22 Apr 2023 01:24

Hallo Gunnar,
danke für deine Rückmeldung.
Ich benutze der CF karte und IDE-CF connector von euch.
Öfters konnte der OS schon booten, aber egal was ich starte oder auch nicht, nach kurze Zeit friert das aus.
Ich glaube da fangt an der Karte Bild Modi scannen oder wechseln.
Das macht ganz randomly 2-3 mal nachaeinander und dann friert das.
Manchmal hilft dann eine soft reset, manchmal nicht aber dann passierd wieder das gleiche.

Kann das vielleicht ein fehler in DIGITAL-VIDEO verlängerung Kabel sein?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6195
22 Apr 2023 09:37

Some Amiga 1200 mainboards have bad signal quality on some  lines of the CPU expansion port. These dirty signals will cause
problems with a number of CPU accelerators. These problems
can result in crashes. This problem is well known since the 90ís
and the A1200 mainboard are relatively easy to fix with soldering.
The solution is called "timing fix", and requires removing small
capacitors or resistors from the bottom of the motherboard.
These are SMD components, so require some expertise to remove
correctly without potentially damaging the board in the process.

Has your A1200 the timing fix?

2) For an Amiga Accelerator to run stable, a good and stable power
is needed! If you experience crashes then a bad power supply
could be the cause.

Here are some reasons/solutions:
The number of connected devices and cards will increase
power consumption. This can cause too much of a voltage
drop or current draw for the board to function correctly.

DIGITAL-VIDEO switches or other devices connected after your
accelerator can also cause power problems.

The capacitors on the Amiga mainboard can go bad over time,
causing them to fail to function well. Some can also leak, which
can damage traces on the board. Recapping (replacing them)
is the fix for this.

Commodore sold PSUs in different strengths. Some early
original A1200 PSUs were weak. The heavy brick A 500 PSU are
the strongest Commodore sold. 

An Amiga PSU can grow weaker over the years. Even new or
replacement PSUs often do not meet the required
specifications. Please make sure that your PSU provides 5.0-5.3
volts to the plugged in accelerator! You can measure this at
the USB port for example.

Please check our trouble shooting guide


Zoltan Uzsoras

Posts 5
23 Apr 2023 13:24

Hi Gunnar,

Thanks for your feedback.
I installed the card in to an other amiga 1200, and it is working perfectly with the same new PS and periferials.
I think you probably just pointed out correctly where the issue should be.
I am assuming the "timig fix" should be my problem.
Thanks for your help.
Cheers - Zoltan

Robo Kupka

Posts 50
27 Apr 2023 09:27

Here you can find all necessary info about the "timing fixes"

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