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Icedrake and IDE/mSata SSD Experience

Jaroslav Remen

Posts 1
21 Mar 2023 11:34

Hi all
Because discord channel is pretty messy for me, I try to ask for help via this forum. Has anybody experience with IDE/msata SSD disk  and Icedrake ?
I have been using Solo setting with amiga ROM3.2 flashed into Icedrake a long time till Williem brough OMNI R9 package. I flashed back to Icedrake core version 9xxx and I have tried to use my SSD with OMNI setting. No success anymore. Icedrake doesn't recognize my SSD disk also in standard Amiga OS installation or Solo installation.
What is really strange that I can use my SSD disk on standard amiga IDE with and without Icedrake red jumper on/off - Gunnar mentioned that standard amiga IDE port is disabled.
BTW..I have A1200 1A board and A1200 1D4 board (recapped) -- doeasn't work ..
I am frustratred with Apollo card.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6194
22 Mar 2023 06:09

The Amiga 1200 has an IDE port and your ICEDRAKE has an IDE port.
This means you system has a total of 2 IDE ports.
The 3.2 Kick will per default only use one of them.
So this is what you experience here.
To enable both ports please use the newest OMNI Boot.

If you install your OS on yourself please make sure to use the latest SAGA driver and tools and to flash the Kick of your choice with the most recent version of ApolloFlash.

Alternatively we recommend to use pre-configured OS like latest ApolloOS or latest Coffin distribution.

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