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Performance Glitches

Mr Darren Ellis

Posts 10
17 Mar 2023 11:18

Hi all,

Just bought the Icedrake for my A1200 after 12 years of being in storage after selling my Blizz PPC in 2008 for £400!!! due to a having a family with many costs etc

The quality and concept is brilliant, well done to Apollo team!

Quick question please, My a1200 has booted up fine with Apollo OS 9.3, just been trying a few of the pre installed games and applications and I have noticed quite a few glitches or some games not working. Is this a timing problem? have a Escom 1d4 Motherboard or is this a work in progress?

I just thought the included software would of been tried and tested for use with the Icedrake and would love to play the included command and conqueror which freezes during the opening video scene.

I haven't adjusted any settings etc any recommendations would be appreciated :-)

Also a couple of minor things cannot open the pictures app from the docking Icon - get the message Couldn't open mysticview. library v5 *** abnormal program termination

Cannot get the amiga amp to play anything, it loads up with the selected mp3 in the display but won't play?

any ideas would appreciated as this seems such a great product with a lot of potential.

Thank you

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 127
17 Mar 2023 16:47

Hi, first of all:congratulations on your new IceDrake.

if I understand correct you use ApolloOS that was preloaded on your CF card that came with your new IceDrake?  This is probably a release candidate and not the final version.

If so, please re-download ApolloOS from apollo-computer.com website to get latest ApolloOS and let us know if this makes any difference.

Greetings, Willem

Mr Darren Ellis

Posts 10
13 Apr 2023 14:55

Thank you for your advice, sorry about the delay as I was waiting for a new CF card. I have just been looking over the help sections, but cannot find how to install the apollo OS.
  I have a spare compact flash card and downloaded the latest vs 9.4 onto my PC. Do I need to format the CompactFlash card first, as it won't let me open it without doing so on the PC? And then drag the iso file across to the CF card. Or is there a better way of doing this? thank you

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6194
13 Apr 2023 18:07

Hi Darren!

I would suggest to use the tool "Balena Etcher" to flash the IMG to the CF card.

This will do a image write.
You do not need to format the CF before.

Mr Darren Ellis

Posts 10
14 Apr 2023 14:22

All works perfect now, running OS 9.4! thank you :-)

Quick question, for future upgrades, do we need to fully reinstall on a compact flash card, or can the upgrade be via the SD card plugin which will upgrade the current OS card on the CF Card installed?

Mr Darren Ellis

Posts 10
14 Apr 2023 15:07

Just noticed in the OS 9.4 the Riva player keeps crashing at the start of each clip, which never happened on the OS 9.3.

Mr Darren Ellis

Posts 10
25 Jul 2023 11:48

After following Apollo members advice, I updated to the latest core and everything works fine, such a brilliant accelerator, will be looking at the multiple boot soon for Coffin, apollo and Amiga OS.

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