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CoffinOS R61: Apollo Explorer?

Jeremy Buza

Posts 32
21 Oct 2022 23:41

So I just finished setting up R61, and I am looking at the network settings, and I see an option for "Apollo Explorer".  I misread at first, thinking it was like "Amiga Explorer", the application that Cloanto released to be able to connect to your Amiga's file system over the network (i.e. SMB network share type of functionality).
So I wanted to reach out and ask: What is Apollo Explorer, and how do I find out more about it?

Ronnie Beck
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 199
23 Oct 2022 12:33

This is a network file transfer tool developed by the Apollo Team.  You run the server on the Amiga and a client on your windows/mac/linux PC.  It is about the easiest way to get files to and from your Amiga. 

You can download the client software here:


Darren Eveland

Posts 96
23 Oct 2022 17:45

I just tried it with a Windows laptop and my Vampire V2, and it works.  Need to figure out how to rename my Vampire, as it comes up as "Unnamed" Amiga.

Jeremy Buza

Posts 32
24 Oct 2022 16:58

Mine as well, it looks like the feature might not be in there yet.  I can't see anything on the Amiga side, and the Explorer on the Windows side doesn't give any options for renaming either.

Ronnie Beck
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 199
30 Oct 2022 06:48

Sorry, this information got left out of the readme.  That will be corrected in the new version.  The naming is controlled by tool types.  Here are the list of tool types:
  name - The name of your Amiga
  osname - OS Name, typically "AROS or AOS" (this is only needed if the auto detection gets it wrong)
  osversion- The os version (again, only needed if auto detection gets it wrong)
  hardware - Sadly auto detect won't work here until the card ID is poopulated in the core again.  So insert one of the following:
  V2 - V2 for the A500/A1000/A2000
  V500 - V2 for the A500/A1000/A2000
  V600 - V2 for the A600
  V120 - V2 for the A1200
  V4 - V4 standalone
  FB - Firebird
  FB500 - Firebird
  IceDrake - IceDrake
  I typically only populate "name" and "hardware" as the rest is auto detected.  So in the tool types I have

  With "hardware" set in the tool types, the icon for the machine will be set to the accelerator specific icon.
  I hope that helps

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