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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Apollo Firebird Whdload Crashes

Chris T.

Posts 136
24 Sep 2022 08:55

I would like to improve the dev. of the firebird.
      Some Whdload games still do not work with Firebird. Also those games showed the same issues (crashes or behaviours) with V2 500+ back in 2017 with Gold2. You can look it up here (search for WHDload compatibility, page 2). CLICK HERE       
        I tried almost everything to get the following games down below to work.
        First some details to my System:
        Firebird V4
        Latest Cores Fire_8885a and 8768 as well as 8900 (also not).
        OS: Coffin R60
        A500+ 2 MB chipmem
        Two different power supply (there of one of Jens Schoenfeld)
        Whdload prefs settings such as NoVBRMove, NoCache, ExpChip
        Turtle mode on or off
        Different Versions of the Game (Jaguar XJ220) from Whdownload.com
        Games, that are not working:
        Lotus (black screen, only race position on the left is shown, when starting the race, Firebird freezed)
        Jaguar XJ220 (After starting the race, race is in 1-2 sec over,more often the Firebird crashes with red picture.Only turning off the A500 will help to restart the machine).
        Hero Quest the return of the Witchlord crashes as well
        All those games work with V500 V2+ Core 2.12 and same config.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6003
24 Sep 2022 15:19

You posted this before, and many people told you before
that these games run fine for them.
What does this hint us?
Maybe some prefs are wrong?

How about you join the Discord and compare your system setting and prefs with those people that have absolutely no problems running them?
What do you think?

Chris T.

Posts 136
24 Sep 2022 23:34

I am on discord and … no replies only that one has also a problem with Jaguar XJ220, but slightly different issue…

Chris T.

Posts 136
29 Sep 2022 18:08

Just for the audience: in discord there are up to 7 people who have the same issues and no one who has no issue. Gunnar is checking the incidence. Once I got feedback, I post it here again - hopefully a solution.

Chris T.

Posts 136
03 Oct 2022 21:36

Lotus 1 works! I installed now Apollo Boot ( hell yeah!) Trio and on that archive file on Coffin. One can checkmark with NoCache and Expchip and it starts the race! Wonderful. I will now check out Jaguar XJ220.

Chris T.

Posts 136
03 Oct 2022 21:39

But Jaguar is still not working, but we get there…

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