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Reset Firstboot

Mark Fastabend

Posts 9
21 Sep 2022 20:45

Is there a way of resetting Firstboot on a Vampire V4+ Standalone?
Also, I am getting an error message 'insert volume "ENV" in any drive' and having troubles loading some programs (besides the computer only booting with the startup-sequence disabled and using the CLI LoadWB command).
New to this system, so any help on how to solve either problem would be appreciated.

Jens Weichert

Posts 13
22 Sep 2022 19:48

This issue appears only with partitions of PFS3 I think. Have the same issue on Icedrake. Just click Cancel. System will boot. First entry in my startup-sequence is to map Kick 3.2 so this issue only appears on cold boot.

Mark Fastabend

Posts 9
23 Sep 2022 01:58

Thanks for the reply.
I've managed to get it working by manipulating the ENV-Archive files.  Basically, pulling them all out and then adding back in one at time.

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