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Coffin R60 Question

Peter de Clerck

Posts 3
05 Jun 2022 14:53

hi there,
  i've installed the coffin r60, all went well, till i wanted to use the sd card to transfer some files. It seems not possible to mount the sd card on the v4.
  i've formatted the sd card with rufus3.18, named it SD0 and formatted it in fat 32. still the v4 doesn't recognize it. 'please insert volume SD0'

Roland Engelen

Posts 2
05 Jun 2022 17:06


i had the same with my older sd card and r60.
You can try this as an workaround:

-Boot with inserted SD Card
-Open Directory Opus
-In D.Opus at the lower left side you can see your devices. Klick on SD-Card there.
- An Error Windows appears with some Buttons. Klick Mount. Should be the one in the middle.

In my case SD0 appears on the Desktop after that and I can use it.

Peter de Clerck

Posts 3
05 Jun 2022 17:44

Oke roland, your method works fine.
Really tried everything, except yours...

Thanks a lot!

posts 3