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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Flashing CF Card

Martin Ketter

Posts 70
27 Apr 2022 17:52


when I flash a CF Card with Apollo Boot Solo then I use only 512 MB of the 4 GB CF Card.

How can I flash more img Files e.g. for more partitions that I can use as DH1 and so on and how can I rename the partition with the workbench  in DF0 oe is it already called DF0?

Or do I have to merge the partitions that I want to create in one Img file.

How can I do this?

Tim Noyce

Posts 154
02 May 2022 23:00

You need to 'expand' the CF. Check the Tools drawer, there may be something like 'fixhddsize' or similar located there, which will reset the drive geometry to reflect actual space. You can then use HDToolbox to add a new partition. Note that changing the size of an existing one, will erase any data that's already there. Once you create the new partition, you must reboot then reformat that partition prior to using it.

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