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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

What Does This Mean?

John William

Posts 493
18 Dec 2021 03:58

Can someone explain this me? Is it going to be physical or virtual?

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
18 Dec 2021 06:00

The first I've seen it. Would be good either way, would probably buy a floppy drive for my v4.

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 101
18 Dec 2021 16:55


Someone has been listening to Stephen!

0:43 Stephens Q: floppy

Tim Noyce

Posts 151
19 Dec 2021 12:43

Currently, intent is physical.

Ben W

Posts 30
19 Mar 2022 01:47

I love the fact that this chap was able to get Stephen Hawking to narrate his video.

posts 5