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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Asm 68080 On V4sa

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 101
26 Nov 2021 11:44

Please post your setup for people that want to code in asm on the v4sa.
Asum lack of knowledge of amiga hardware.

This is my working setup until i find a better way:

This is with the software suplied with it.
(workbench info: kick 51.51, workb 40.0, alpha)

For now VASM is the only assembler that uses the new instructions.
my setup is this:

Editor (green)
location: SFSboot/tools

Vasm (red)
location: stuff/developer/vbcc/bin/ vasmm68kmot
latest: sun.hasenbraten.de/vasm/index.php?view=bincur  vasmm68k_mot_os3.lha

Debug (pink)
location: stuff/developer/devpac/

Directory to run (blue)
location: SFSboot/tools/dopus

In a created folder named 'src' i copy vasm68kmot.
Here i place code made in 'editor'


do this only once:
  In editor i make a text file that i call 'a' that goes into the same 'src' folder
  The text is:
  vasmm68k_mot -Fhunkexe -kick1hunks -m68080 -quiet -o ram:test code.s

  This text file is a script.
  code.s = tekst (code) file made in editor
  ram:test = resulting program

Running the script to compile
Make the window 'src' active by clicking on it.
Press <amiga-e> (the right ctrl on the v4sa is the amiga-key) to activate 'CLI'.

A window pops up 'execute a file'
The command is: cli <enter>
The window disapears and a new black window 'apollo-os shell' pops up.
  If you have started it from the 'src' window the path ends with '/src>'
Start script-file to compile with:
execute a

After this just a up-arrow + enter will compile again.

Now you can run the program by clicking test.

Or use debug to examine the program.

  executeable file to load
  command line

The manual for debug (devpac) can be found online.
Command summary on page 180.
(archive.org/details/DevPacV3.00.Manual incl. downloads)

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 101
09 Apr 2022 13:07

asm_test.zip (200kb) - complete & compact to make 68080 code.
It is for anyone who wants to code 68080 (ammx)

readme.s - is for the absolute beginner that wants to do assember.
After half an hour you have done 10 cpu-instructions.
You see what it did inside the cpu.
(see pictures below)

content zip:
- a
- debug / Monam
- editor
- vasmm68k_mot
- readme.s

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