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Q AMMX.doc About Bank Switching.

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
25 Sep 2021 16:05

ammx instruction:
$FE00 0000 > extract bits ABD AAAAAA BBBB DDDD ooooo

extension before normal instruction:
$7180 > extract bits AA BB CCCCC DD

About the last one.
AA are the extended bits for operand a.
and BB are the extended bits for operand b.
and we get a new operand: C.

in AA or BB
Data become 4 banks (default D0..7 and 3 new E0..23)
and Address : lsb switch A0..7 and B0..7(if lsb=1)

So does the other bit of Address
when <ea> is present
switches <ea> to <vea>  (for $7100, line7 unused moveq)
like the lineF does?

I am thinking how a debugger would interpret it.


Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
25 Sep 2022 16:05

Yes, it does.

Cpu Instructions, Color Mapping.
And in the 080 debugger "MonAm 3.09" you can see it by switching bank decoding on & off.
Documentation about 080 instructions:

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