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Sync Clock From Coffin

Akiko 080

Posts 4
07 Sep 2021 14:05

I recently got a V1200 card which came pre-installed with Coffin OS.

I  purhased the full version of Roadshow and from the dropdown menu enabled connect on boot, and sync clock so the correct time is displayed on boot. The issue is I am from the UK but the clock sync's exactly one hour behind UK time, how do I fix this so it sync's to local time?

Andrew Miller

Posts 352
08 Sep 2021 16:24

I'm not sure, have you set the correct time zone in prefs?

Akiko 080

Posts 4
15 Sep 2021 02:41

I had another look in prefs thanks and fixed the problem.  It was set on United Kingdon but I forgot to also adjust the timezone on the map accrordingly. 

Tim D

Posts 82
15 Sep 2021 20:59

Also make sure it adjusts for Daylight Saving Time, e.g. with EXTERNAL LINK

posts 4