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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Patched Devpac for 060/AMMX Perhaps?

Antony Coello

Posts 48
26 Jan 2020 14:01

I am looking to code for the new 060/AMMX core. However, I would prefer compiling/testing on the actual machine.

Therefore, are there any native compilers that work or have patches for the Vampire cores?

I would prefer not to have to cross compile from a Windows machine and with the speed of the Vampire cards, this should be a realistic solution.

Many thanks for any pointers and thankyou to the Apollo team for all the hard work that went into the Vampires!

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4897
26 Jan 2020 14:06

vasm supports the new Instructions

Antony Coello

Posts 48
26 Jan 2020 14:26

Forgive my ignorance, but I was under the impression that VASM is a Windows based multi CPU target assembler?

Samuel Crow

Posts 395
26 Jan 2020 14:36

VAsm is cross platform code written in C with source available.  The website has snapshots for Amiga Native binaries.

Antony Coello

Posts 48
26 Jan 2020 15:05

I must have missed that when browsing through!

Unfortunately, trying to learn the whole Amiga ecosystem as I am, from the ground up, I struggle to absorb the information quickly enough and miss some information.

I see VASM has Devpac code compatability. Perhaps I could try and start crossport work with my Atari TT/Devpac 3.1 whilst I am waiting to assemble a working OS3.9 on the Vampire (just purchased a Sandisk 32Gb CF card, as per Gunnar/Majsta recommendation. I will see how it goes from there).

Thanks for enlightening me guys! ;)

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