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Brilliance Tutorials 2020 By Kevin Saunders

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1627
03 Jan 2020 14:01

Amiga "Brilliance II" published by Digital Creations in 1994 for the Commodore Amiga Computer.  In 2020 I plan on creating new videos using Brilliance II on the Amiga Computer.

Promo video
Videos will be published at same channel

Mike Brantley

Posts 24
05 Jan 2020 02:01

Thank you for the heads-up on this. I look forward to Kevin's tutorial videos. Enjoy Brilliance on my Vampirized A500.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 433
05 Jan 2020 09:20

Kevin is awesome.

Nikos Tomatsidis

Posts 58
05 Jan 2020 13:34

Stefano Briccolani wrote:

Kevin is awesome.

+ 1

We love all he does.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1627
05 Jan 2020 19:11

I have never mastered DPaint like app, I believe I could with proper tutorials that were not avail back in East Europe.
  Thus, I am in for the BOOK that will be end product and I hold Kevin high for such endavour. I would recommend GraphX that exist as RTG thanks to Arti
  Also, Kevin has Vimeo EXTERNAL LINK    and has entered Vampire FAQ!
  Sidenote: Kevin, Eric and other Dpaint style masters ...
  Can anyone offer a simple exponation what is best for beginners
  for drawing and anim and who has AGA/RTG support and stability issues?
  Latest EA DPaint (V.x?) I heard claims its very unstable on modern 030+ machines and post OS 3.1?
  Brilliance 2.xx (is it on sale?)
  Latest updated AEON owned Personal Paint (it used to be Cloanto? Used early Clonato versions, loved simplicity)
  GraphX 2 RTG ported by Arti (Seen it under Linux, I believe there is OS4 port). How does it work on v2/v4 (matters for all!)

Rob M

Posts 52
07 Jan 2020 01:26

Vojin Vidanovic wrote:

I have never mastered DPaint like app, I believe I could with proper tutorials that were not avail back in East Europe.

Adam Zalepa has published a book covering deluxe paint.

It's available as an Ebook or hard back.


Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1627
07 Jan 2020 07:48

Ah Amiganet.pl, have to add them to FAQ!
Best book resource, be it OS3,OS4,MOS ... hope he will publish AROS one. Will have to gather some "zlotas" :)

David Wright

Posts 348
07 Jan 2020 13:09

Brilliance is far more reliable across different Amiga systems. I find many more useful features and effects than Dpaint although personal paint  is just as good. In rgb modes Brilliance works better for me.
As for animation , I canít comment on.

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