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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

VNC On Apollo?page  1 2 

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 928
24 Nov 2018 23:15

Alan Haynes wrote:

    Isn't this what Steve Jones has been talking about with his new Checkmate A1500 Plus case and a V4 A500 or A600 or A1200 or the Standalone with the Raspberry Pi and the Siamese system?
    I am fairly confident it is and Steve said that the software will be free. Just need the Pi and an (DIGITAL-VIDEO) switcher. He will reveal more when we get closer to release of the case. 

Yes, its one of Checkmates strongsides. Idea is to somewhat acess Linux on Pi Side and Amiga on Amiga side, or similar.Needed software and restrictions in building such a system are questions for Steve for 2019. Yes, idea was to share as many components as possible, not only DIGITAL-VIDEO in "Siamese" spirit.

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