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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

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Mr Niding

Posts 445
23 Jun 2019 17:03

Stefan "Bebbo" Franke wrote:

Mr Niding wrote:

  Donated 40 euros to him, with the note "Encouragement from Vampire land" ;)

  Thank you, I own a Vampire since some days, but had no time yet, to test it - /sigh.
  And thanks again

Good to see you around! :)

Steve Ferrels has been highlighting the need for a updated compiler/crosscompiler, so its good to see activity from people like you.

As a non-developer enduser, all I xan do is to support devs, thru donations AND purchasing their endproduct.

Thellier Alain

Posts 117
24 Jun 2019 08:01

>An array of float values was accessed as integer using non-standard trick

Did you used an union like this ?

typedef union _MIXED32{
struct mylong{
  ULONG value;
  }  L;
struct myfloat{
  float value;
  }  F;
} MIXED32;

float GetFloat(struct GM_FileBuffer *FB)
MIXED32 val;

Mr Niding

Posts 445
25 Jun 2019 04:48

Added another 40 EUR donation.

Its good to see Gunnar and Stefan in active exchange on this forum.

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 558
25 Jun 2019 06:02

Compiler Explorer is a really nice tool too!


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