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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Amiga32 Event Coverage Topic

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 318
25 Oct 2017 20:48

Just created this topic to cover A32 event of 28.10.17.
  Part of Apollo Team members will be attending it : BigGun, ceaich, Bax, guibrush, Claude and TuKo.
  We are looking forward to meet you there! Who will be there?

M Rickan

Posts 173
26 Oct 2017 01:07

Perhaps it's already been announced...

What will you be demoing?

Manuel Jesus

Posts 138
26 Oct 2017 01:14

Crom will be there in spirit!

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 530
26 Oct 2017 03:49

Does this event offer official webcams/live-streams?

Thomas Blatt

Posts 164
26 Oct 2017 04:31

I will be there with my Amiga 600 and Vampire2

Rod March

Posts 105
26 Oct 2017 23:24

Keen to see people's videos from the event, live or otherwise.

Thierry Atheist

Posts 618
26 Oct 2017 23:32

Will someone be there selling Vampire 2's?

I mean, like a batch of them, not their own Vampire 2.

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 318
27 Oct 2017 10:26

Yes, some resellers will be there with Vampires. If you want some, I advice you to contact them before the event to be sure to book one.

Michael Borrmann

Posts 125
27 Oct 2017 12:06

I will be there.. Looking forward seeing a Vampire board in action. Have never seen one personally...
  Plus, I wanna know if BigGun always wears this Latex-Outfit from his old avatar photograph.

posts 9