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Alien Breed 2 3D RTGpage  1 2 

Dawid 1983

Posts 29
03 Oct 2021 11:08

Problem solved thanks any way ;)

John Z.

Posts 3
04 Oct 2021 00:39

Dawid 1983 wrote:

Problem solved thanks any way ;)

Could you explain what you did to fix it? I hate when I come to a forum post (anywhere) and it just dead ends without actually producing a solution.

Alan Kerjeana

Posts 5
07 Aug 2023 14:12


3D games like aB3D 1 & 2, extrem racing works well withe my icedrake but the speed is not so fast even if I choose "Cache" in whdload expert mode (whdload 18.9). It seems there are no effects with whdload options. Always in "turtle mode". Any ideas ?


Danilo Drago

Posts 43
07 Aug 2023 15:43

Play the standard Harddisk version of Alien Breed 3D2, not the WHDLoad installed one.
First to start the game disable the SuperScalar option with ApolloControl.

You will play the game at solid 50 fps.

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