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New Exiting AMIGA Race Game

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 2550
10 Apr 2017 14:43

Ported to the Amiga by Modern Vintage Gamer 2017

A very very fast Classic Amiga.
Vampire 2 with Gold 2 core or better.


Saladriel Amrael

Posts 32
10 Apr 2017 15:08

Great! That sort of things are what I was waiting for.
  Nice to see that 68080 and SAGA, albeit not being in their "final form", manage to do the hell of a job the double 68000 and relative custom chipset do on Out Run motherboard.
  I guess with code optimization and SAGA development progress most of the missing features could be reimplemented.

Thomas Blatt

Posts 21
12 Apr 2017 18:41

Game works well but i have no sound output.Need i the some soundfiles for sound output?

posts 3