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Beta Preview - Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood

Willem Drijver
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 127
03 Dec 2023 09:51

Hi All, here is an update on our little experimental "Robin" project.
  - Tuning of Main Hourglass (divider for lesser important elements)
  - Tuning of Main Refresh (disabled some fancy but costly effects)
  - General cleanup of all individual element Hourglass & Refresh
  - Moved all static UI elements to separate PiP layer
  - Created “intelligent” refresh for UI so it refresh only when there are real Updates
  - Dynamic Audio slot allocation for all Sounds incl. 2D stereo effect (volume + L/R panning)
  - Deleted the complete Threaded Input routines (SDL) and recreated Input from scratch
  - Replaced software blitted Mousepointer with hardware Amiga pointer (to be improved later)
And a lot of minor other things
Please share this link with all your Amiga friends in all forums, Discords, Facebooks, etc.


Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
03 Dec 2023 21:52

Smart to use PiP-layer, using the hardware for the HUD
Same for the hardware mouse.
I love 2D (position) sound, nice!

It is looking GREAT!

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 140
06 Dec 2023 03:27

Congrats guys, game looks fantastic so far.

posts 3