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Apocalypse Runs Very Slow

Dennis Höppner

Posts 11
07 Oct 2023 19:15

(can be found on KG WHDload page as prepacked WHDLoad install)

Since the earliest days of Vampire (V1 on Amiga 600 ten (?) years ago) this game was very problematic. It runs horribly slow and keyboard buttons can´t be pressed on V2 A500, V2 A600 and V2 A1200.

Started from disk it runs smooth until I press any of the keys on keyboard. Then it runs as slow as the WHDLoad install.

I am a bit at wits end with this game, tried every single Apollocontrol parameter and also many WHDload parameters, also started the Amiga with CPU caches disabled.

It seems more like there is an incompatibility between the Vampires and this game.

Tested on Amiga 1200 with Kick 3.1 and Vampire V1200@Core 2.17. Also tested with older cores on Vampire 500v2 with Kick 3.1.



Dennis Höppner

Posts 11
07 Oct 2023 19:16

Doppelt gepostet, bitte löschen. :)

Kristof C.

Posts 52
07 Oct 2023 22:04

I tried the game on my V4 Firebird. The WHDLOAD version runs very well and absolutly smooth.

My system: A500+ 2MB ChipRAM + Firebird V4 + OS
WHDLOAD out of the box. Without any changes.

Dennis Höppner

Posts 11
17 Oct 2023 14:55

Installed Coffin R62 and tried the Apocalyse that is preinstalled and it still runs slow and I can´t press the buttons. Maybe V4 is strong enough to "bruteforce" through the game and make it work at normal speed.

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