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DYNA - Anniversary

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
09 Sep 2023 16:25

... Celebrating blowing stuff up.
Here is a 30 YEAR anniversary version of Atari DynaBusters.

Prowdly bringing those lovely 16 STe colors back to life on the V4.


So what to expect?

  16 lovely colors, nice catchy tune.
  position dependend sounds.
  supports up to 8 apollopads, legacy and keyboard.
  supports up to 254 independed animations.
  supports all SAGA resolutions.



Salvatore Abbate

Posts 41
09 Sep 2023 19:21

happy anniversary

Kamelito Loveless

Posts 258
11 Sep 2023 08:03

Great job as usual, thanks

Grzegorz Wójcik (pisklak
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 87
26 Sep 2023 08:18

I realy like Dyna Blaster and clones. Great multiplayer game !
A bunch of friends,joypads,beers, small and quiet V4 and your DYNA  is all you need for a lot of fun time ! :)
Good job !

Tommo Noorduin

Posts 129
17 Nov 2023 17:12

Fixed keyboard players kick.
Bottle & clock changed look.
Other minor changes.
Added icon to launch from wb.

posts 5