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Running Games and Apps.


Arne von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 61
11 Aug 2023 20:35

Greetings this is Arne,
This is a the new Amiga game from Invent, Martin, Gunnar and Me
A four player remake of the famous Space Invader.
It will be playable on The Gamescom 2023
long live the Amiga !

Jari Tuovinen

Posts 24
12 Aug 2023 08:46

Nice job, if i were talented coder i would make asteroids like game, i have lots of own maded graphics in that game :)

Graphics are my thing :)

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6193
12 Aug 2023 19:11

Hello Jari,

We like to make more Amiga games.
But very important for us is that the games are multiplayer and make a lot of fun to play.

Mick Stone

Posts 15
13 Aug 2023 13:55

That looks great. Good work Arne and team.

Arne von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 61
21 Oct 2023 13:11

Hello Guys ,
here is the newest version of Apollo Invader:
CLICK HERE  I wish you a happy time playing it!

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 139
26 Oct 2023 06:05

Thank you so much for the new version, it's awesome!

posts 6