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AMIGA Game Coding, Lets Review "Minky"

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6193
06 Mar 2023 11:47

Minky is very cute new Amiga game

Our hero in this game is "Minky" a Monkey with big ears, looking a bit like a Mouse.
This is great example for a original Jump and Run game, where our Hero has to avoid falling in water, and has to avoid touching other animals and needs to jump from platform to platform.
Minky can defeat enemies by landing on them from a jump.
Minky can also collect golden balls, which he can one time use to throw and kill an enemy.
The game plays a lot like the famous "Giana Sisters"
Minky is a cute and a very peaceful game.
I find the graphics nice and cute - and the music also very nice.
I think that its overall a nice game for kids too!
Matze the programmer has given the Amiga a very cute game.
Very much Giana Sister the game uses a solid background of 4 planes lowres = 16 colors.
Minky the Ape is shown using an Amiga Hardware Sprite.
The background use a copperlist to enrich the sky, background with very beautiful colors.
Amiga techniques used on Minky:
  - very nice copperlist with nice colors are enriching the game.
  - "game secret"
  The computer background screen is actually 16 rows taller then you as player see on the screen. The game accidentally start the video out "above" the 1st row of the monitor. And the top 16 rows are therefore "lost" on the screen on not visible

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